Muscle Energy Technique DVD for Cervical, Thoracic & Ribs

This beautifully produced DVD covers detailed muscle energy techniques for the neck, general shoulder techniques, and specific treatments for the thoracic vertebrae and the ribs.


Orthopedic Assessment of the Upper & Lower Body (2 dvd set)

Learn classic orthopedic assessment techniques for the neck, shoulder and elbow, ankle, knee, hip and spine. Lavishly produced and filled with beautiful 3-D animations that show exactly which structures are involved.


Advanced Myofascial Release DVD

A continuation of Beginning Myofascial Release, this video explores advanced Myofascial Release techniques to balance each area of the body. This video will show you how to evaluate postural distortions, and use Myofascial Release to bring the body into balance.


Nerve Mobilization – Back, Pelvis & Leg DVD

This four hour DVD covers 21 assessment techniques for the nerves and surrounding structures of the back, pelvis, and legs. The advanced nerve tension tests will allow the therapist to precisely evaluate the sciatic, tibial, peroneal, and sural nerves to discover exactly where they are impinged.


Cranial-Sacral Therapy DVD

Discover how cranial work can enhance your practice. This wonderful DVD will show you how to balance each of the cranial bones and sacrum using 22 varied techniques. Divided into 13 lessons, each lesson focuses on a different bone or aspect of cranial technique.


Tai Chi – Stillness through motion DVD

Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit with this classic Tai Chi sequence. Let master Chao Pang gently guide you through the Short Yang form, revealing the secrets of the inner aspects of Tai Chi by applying modern anatomical knowledge to this ancient art.


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