How quickly will the video be available after payment?

Once you make the payment via PayPal you will be immediately redirected to the website and the video presentation will begin immediately. You will also be emailed a receipt which will include an access code should you wish to watch the video again at a later date.

Can I stop watching a video during a presentation?

You can pause a video while watching it and as long as you remain on the same webpage it should stay in the pause mode for several hours should you wish to press play again. Note that after several hours this may become unstable so it is not recommended. Once you stop a video or move away from the webpage showing the video it will count as one view of the presentation. This includes partial viewings. In most cases we allow you up to 3 viewings of a presentation for the single ticket price which assists you if you do have to stop the viewing or come back to it at a later stage.

Can I pay via another payment method (other than PayPal)?

At present all payments are taken via PayPal. You do not have to have a paypal account though. You can use a range of credit cards which can still be processed via the PayPal website.



React both to the successes and failures of your current practice. Keep an open mind to both evidence-based practice & empirical data which may not yet have been researched.


Review your clinical decision making processes and assess their respective outcomes to see if you are making the difference you want.


Research the current literature and explore with world of continuing professional development. Consider what others may be doing.


Rethink your treatment approach to see if you can better yourself. Then start it all over again.