Prices start from as little as AUD$7.00 | GBP£5 | Euro 6.00 to watch a video presentation, earning you continuing professional education (CPD) points.

Just click the play button on any pay-per-view presentation and you will be shown the various ticket price options.

You watch these videos this from your work, your home office, your lounge chair, your bed or even floating in the pool. As long as you’ve got a broadband internet connection or a wireless connection to a mobile device then we can get you the footage.

As a viewer you can choose from 4 different ticket options:

  • Single Pay Per View (PPV) Ticket – you can purchase a single pay-per-view ticket price for each video. With this ticket you will be able to play one specific video with the purchased ticket. There may sometimes be a time limit on this type of ticket. e.g. 7 days. Some tickets offer multi-plays of the same video selection during the time period e.g. Watch it up to 3 times over the next 7 days
  • Playlist Ticket – you can purchase a Playlist Ticket and get access to selected PPV videos within a specific Partners playlist. You pay to purchase the ticket once and are able to use it for any of the selected videos in the specific partners playlist. There will be a time limit e.g. 14 days before expiry of the ticket. Some playlist tickets also offer multi-plays of the same video playlist during the time period e.g. Watch it up to 3 times over the next 7 days
  • Global Ticket – if you want the best value for earning CPD credits then consider purchasing a Global Ticket and have access to all the videos within our website. The will also be an expiry date on a global ticket e.g. one month.
  • Free Ticket – you will be able to play your video free of charge without the need of going thru the checkout.



React both to the successes and failures of your current practice. Keep an open mind to both evidence-based practice & empirical data which may not yet have been researched.


Review your clinical decision making processes and assess their respective outcomes to see if you are making the difference you want.


Research the current literature and explore with world of continuing professional development. Consider what others may be doing.


Rethink your treatment approach to see if you can better yourself. Then start it all over again.