How It Works

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – Online, Anytime.

PhysioLive is online education vehicle designed with the specific purpose of streaming media content for physiotherapists and other allied healthcare professionals. Our aim is provide an easy to access, multi-device compatible learning platform.

On our homepage we show examples from our partner library. This includes streaming video presentations and sample clips from DVD’s that can be purchased on The Physio Shop. You can also search our archive and/or view partner specific pages to browse all their entries.

Some of the videos on our site are FREE to view. These are typically short clips taken from longer presentations to provide a glimpse of the kind presentation you would receive if paying to view the entire education module.

Other video presentations can be watched after paying a small ticket fee. Think of it as buying a movie ticket and then watching the film. Payment is handled simply and easily using the secure PayPal gateway.

All presentations count towards your continuing professional development (CPD) so just make a note of the time you spend in your CPD diary. Your PayPal receipt will show a record of the presentation you watched and therefore can be used as ‘proof of attendance’.


Step 1. Find the video you are looking for using the search box. Then click on Watch Full Video

Step 1

Step 2. Click on Play Video which will take you to the ticket options and prices page

Step 2

Step 3. Select your ticket option and proceed to payment via PayPal (c/card included)

Step 3

Step 4. Watch the streaming video presentation

Step 4



React both to the successes and failures of your current practice. Keep an open mind to both evidence-based practice & empirical data which may not yet have been researched.


Review your clinical decision making processes and assess their respective outcomes to see if you are making the difference you want.


Research the current literature and explore with world of continuing professional development. Consider what others may be doing.


Rethink your treatment approach to see if you can better yourself. Then start it all over again.