Real-time Ultrasound (RTUS) – The Basic Principles

Basic Principles

Francine St George goes through the basics of what you need to know to use real-time ultrasound (RTUS) as an assessment tool in clinical practice. The panel of the machine is clarified and how to adjust for assessment of Transverse abdominus and and Pelvic floor assessment is demonstrated.

Duration: 9.28 mins

Physiotherapy Coaching Academy Australia (PCAA)

Aims and Vision

1. To offer new physiotherapy graduates accelerated upskilling workshops (downloads and DVDs) to permit them to bridge the gap between what has been learnt in their undergraduate or post graduate training, and what is required by their clients in clinical practice.
(We can help train your physiotherapy staff!)

2. To offer Advanced Practitioners and Practice Owners business, marketing and leadership mentoring sessions to learn new ideas they can implement immediately; as well as build a network for practitioners to share clinical ideas to enable them to offer the highest calibre of service and expertise possible in private practice.

3. To offer workshops and downloads for Pilates Instructors and Exercise Science Graduates who have a common interest with Physiotherapists and mutual passion for teaching exercise to assist their clients.

Francine St George



React both to the successes and failures of your current practice. Keep an open mind to both evidence-based practice & empirical data which may not yet have been researched.


Review your clinical decision making processes and assess their respective outcomes to see if you are making the difference you want.


Research the current literature and explore with world of continuing professional development. Consider what others may be doing.


Rethink your treatment approach to see if you can better yourself. Then start it all over again.