Mastering Thai Massage DVD

Learn the ancient art of Thai Massage with master instructor, Richard Gold. This beautifully filmed DVD features over 3 hours of instruction and over 170 detailed techniques. Each technique is clearly demonstrated showing proper alignment, positioning and proper body mechanics so that pressure can be applied effectively and effortlessly. The sequences are divided into prone, supine, sidelying and seated. In each sequence you will learn to use your hands, forearms, knees, legs, and feet to bring the receiver into a deep state of relaxation.


  • Length: 197 min.
  • Format: DVD all countries
  • 170 Techniques
  • 5 Sequences
  • Widescreen

This DVD includes traditional Thai stretches, work on the Sen energy lines plus abdominal massage. Mastering Thai Massage is one of the most comprehensive programs available!

INSTRUCTOR: Richard Gold is a licensed acupuncturist and holds a doctorate in psychology. In 1989 Dr. Gold graduated from the program in Nuad Bo-Rarn at the Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He is a senior instructor and board member at I.P.S.B. in San Diego.



React both to the successes and failures of your current practice. Keep an open mind to both evidence-based practice & empirical data which may not yet have been researched.


Review your clinical decision making processes and assess their respective outcomes to see if you are making the difference you want.


Research the current literature and explore with world of continuing professional development. Consider what others may be doing.


Rethink your treatment approach to see if you can better yourself. Then start it all over again.